Hermes silk

January 15, 2014 , Shanghai . Metamorphosis , contains a savings of time and space and precipitation , meaning the good things of sublimation and concise , passing out timeless vitality and comfortable calm beauty. Has a 177 year history of the French brand Hermes crafts , to attain to uphold the quality of perseverance and faith , continuing to explore artistic and creative heritage and transformation to the unique ingenuity and a wonderful inspiration, leading to the 2014 spring and summer Trolltech open the door to new products , Juan wrote the new year in question – transformation , creating the legendary Hermes  .

Workmanship and delicate as the mountains and all kinds of footwear spring blooming flowers linger in the horse ‘s toe , graceful, lightly dancing : goatskin suede high-heeled sandals , using a belt wrapped around the cross , tentacle soft and smooth , neat and elegant curves , looming sexy unintentionally revealed from among the foot , extend the women’s unique exquisite and soft ; hermes replica DERBY new mill suede leather shoes, soft light , craftsmen meticulously cut out on the vamp has opened close the gap to allow the skin to show faint in contrast between light and dark shadows, three-dimensional sense. The new season’s men were given a magnificent craftsman bright colors , vibrant high-tech canvas with bright yellow calfskin sneakers , bright and warm colors of the sun as if filled Xiamai fields . The new sneaker style simple dynamic, with technology canvas, sleek leather upper , soft rubber sole , so as to fulfill Qingyun who try . The men wear suede “DERBY” continuation of the soft shoe serrated rubber sole design , the simple three-color stitching blooming mill velvet uppers , elegant people focused on the details .

A beam of light is focused on the IKAT finish bracelet , Ying wall brilliance. This bracelet from the old country – Vietnam master craftsmen hand , its smooth and delicate mysteries from the exquisite unique polished technique . IKAT paint black paint color rendering shine shiny white paint on the underside , people get up and put it down . Miss Ma Jiangge placed side belt , such as horsetail gently swaying light moving along , really interesting. Using natural bridle leather belt , cut lines are interesting multilayer thin strips of uniform shape , just like the layers of the forest shrubs, simple low-key but thick restrained .

Supermodels, leopards , giraffes and so on animal immigration Louis Vuitton 2014 spring and summer ad campaign

The aspect of biking is way added acquaintance , rather than destination. Louis Vuitton Bounce Summer 2014 commercial the new division continues to analyze the aspect of the cruise , advised to affect a new bearing admiring for biking . Unknown allurement to analyze the passion, the joy of analysis , the adventure active acquaintance all affiliate beneath the abundant columnist Peter Lindbergh footage !

Louis Vuitton 140306100028

Back 1854 , Louis Vuitton campaign about the apple , stars, politicians , appearance architecture abundant adult breeding adventurer attache , and actualize a absolute cruise arts. Accordingly , in the new adventures , Louis Vuitton louis vuitton replica will by itself accept the iconic Monogram canvas , which was invented by Georges Vuitton in 1896 , alleged the cruise a abundant accompaniment material. In the new ad blur , the two supermodels in three archetypal handbags LV Speedy, Keepall and the Neverfull accompaniment , Carine Roitfeld bottom to analyze the minds of acute breeding journey.

Louis Vuitton 2014 bounce and summer commercial ample animadversion attempt in South Africa , the Devil himself as a stylist Carine Roitfeld , redhead supermodel Karen Elson and off the acreage as supermodel in LV 2014 bounce and summer women’s big appearance in Edie Campbell account of estimation .

Ample commercial the new division of the advocate in fact not Monogram, nor is it a model, not even South Africa arresting admirable backdrop – although abnorma  photographer Peter Lindbergh Ming and dark apple bathed in aureate sunlight . The new commercials advocate is in fact traveling itself. Biking is an afflatus An inspiration, biking is an art, biking is all sorts of impressions , emotions, memories and moments of breeding amaranthine antecedent – three analytical assemblage giraffe anxiously attempt , two cubs arena like a babe -like play , Edie Campbell sit on the adjudicator cantankerous . And she angle aloft the accumulation of baggage picture, the absolute lens is assuredly one of the a lot of arresting commercial the blur , if she , like overlooking the absolute apple , absolute the adventure that is activity LV cast aesthetics .

Yang : PK basket Paris Fashion Week

In 2012, Yang Hao carrying a basket to participate in a car show events , sharp styling suddenly spike the audience , and instantly became the focus of audience , causing no small stir. It is said that Yang ‘s basket is the mother of field work tool , because I like coming.
Yang carry basket hermes replica photo by netizens on Weibo was crazy pass forwards , netizens have amazed after watching the 1958 -born goddess peacock powerful aura and beauty tricks . More recently she and her friends will be at the Paris Fashion Week actress who made ​​a comparison of the performance , by contrast , it is inevitable sigh,
Some people put Hermes brought out a basket of feeling. Some people brought out of the basket Hermes feeling. The real gas field, is carry a basket to go to Ferrari’s activities , no makeup does not throw Zhuangnen chest , calmly all the big spike . Yang Liping . Shanghai SMG moderator, director Kelsang in his Weibo Yang on such review , which amount microblogging forward nearly two thousand .

yang 0226105154
Yang basket can carry for their own scene photos spike all users have not been informed , told a media interview, Yang said , I really was unintentional , directly carrying this went, I think to take things very easy ah , installed What a glance, much more convenient than put a package.
I mention this basket started last year , when I saw my mother in the ground filled with it come off the dish , very much, have a taste , I asked her for an instant to mention are more than a year , did not think there is anything wrong , is not very comfortable to look good ?
Fashion circles always unpredictable , unexpected bamboo basket basket also ushered in its spring . Want hot pursuit of fashion ? Look through what my mother ‘s closet , right , chances are there inside the trend next season .

Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs farewell own brand

November 2013 , Louis Vuitton appointed above Balenciaga artisan Nicolas Ghesquiere as its new artistic administrator , artistic administrator Marc Jacobs to yield over the job . Nicolas Ghesquiere15 acquirement band , alleged the boy ability of fashion.

Louis Vuitton in my assessment is the ultimate affluence , accession and analysis in disguise. Nicolas Ghesquiere said, for I am accustomed by this arrangement , to be a century-old appearance abode in a rather appreciative .

Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton appear that approachable letters will be in October 2013 . His almsman has been carefully watched , whether it is the ancestor aggregation LVMH ‘s Louis Vuitton investors , or the appearance industry .

Marc Jacobs louis vuitton replica Louis Vuitton adieu show

With the abundant alarm , Marc Jacobs memories of the cruise started boring beforehand anecdotal rumors alike , bounce and summer 2014 appearance accumulating eventually became Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton ‘s catastrophe in . Doors, escalators , ample alarm alarm , carousel, adamant aboideau and bubbler courtyard abode , which in about-face presents active arena in foreground of us , humans can not advice a aphotic black atmosphere bleary eyes . A moment for 16 years, the anamnesis of the designer’s devil’s bit by bit .

LV 59628_1

1971 , Nicolas Ghesquiere was built-in in Provence, 14 -year-old began to apprentice to draw, 15 -year-old summer intern into Agnes B cast , 19 -year-old became the agent artisan Jean Paul Gaultier . He had not accustomed any training in appearance architecture Coban achievements from the a lot of absolute and applied appearance their aptitude . In 1995 , Nicolas Ghesquiere Balenciaga was assassin , Vice -line artefact architecture . 1997 Balenciaga became architecture administrator mainline , the aforementioned year he aswell advised for the Trussardi women .


When brought spring flowers blooming braccialini 2014 Spring Trends

2014 braccialini Spring & Summer will be a re- naming of the new romantic start to the season . The whole family around the elegant new season as the main creative elements , each handbag are revealed Love & Apennine peninsula want . With a unique and creative style popular in the world of the Italian brand braccialini, always adhere to its unique brand personality , the Italian craftsmanship and Italian art of the perfect fusion of scenery takes you into a fascinating journey to explore Italy , restore the most authentic Italian type of human feelings .

braccialini season chanel replica  products will be handled cleanly tone , all the colors are bright and vivid , reflecting the simplicity in exquisite detail . Meanwhile, the brand continued to follow the same style multicolor design, in order to provide as diverse as lovers prefer choice. About romance , let us recall together with braccialini : Do you remember the famous 1950s movie Roman Holiday as a representative of the Temi series three motorcycle models , as a tribute to this classic , to offer the most authentic interpretation ? ingenious innovative design : Hang with flowers embracing personally felt like a baptism of Italy through the years and cathartic elegant and romantic , artistically stylized fashion , but it is something more to say . As the brand to show that it is not just a wallet or handbag , but an attitude and a symbol , one that can break through the traditional , stunning and pass on the legendary freedom around the world .


braccialini 490_pavone
Removing color and innovation , the version is also braccialini a spectacle. This season the brand has consistently uphold the perfect version of the classic type , and to be perfect on this basis . Minimalist design handbag models , highlighting the style and generous. Wallet design, the lovely full of playful , bags intellectual poise, coordination and cooperation with each other. All individual outer bag design , not just practical, more bags increased sense of layering and the plane , its internal space is also clever as people hold impeccable : enough space design, hidden metal zipper, many on together with details of the pursuit of perfection to create a simple but not simple bag.

The new spring and summer 2014 Miss Dior handbag commercials exposure , endorsements girls increasingly mature quiet charm

Jennifer Lawrence continued to serve as spokesperson for Miss Dior handbags , Zhang Jing by photographer Patrick Demarchelier ‘s 2014 spring and summer commercials formal exposure . Frequent public appearances dressed in Dior costumes occasions Jennifer Lawrence, emerged in advertising the film a bit more developed beyond the age of mature beauty , a few black and white portraits are also useful bulk charm !

Jennifer Lawrence140224103237
Jennifer Lawrence gucci replica , born August 15, 1990 , the Hollywood actor. With Burning Plain 2008 Venice Film Festival for Best New Artist Award. 2010 With Winter’s Bone was nominated for an Oscar for best actress ,2011- 2012 , starred in the movie X -Men: First Class , The Hunger Games . 2012 movie starring happiness line behind the clouds to get the 85th Academy Award for Best Actress .

2004 14 -year-old Jennifer Lawrence convince many parents took her chance and signed a brokerage firm in New York .
In 2012, Lawrence starred in his first adapted from the American writer Susan Collins novel The Hunger Games trilogy series of movies, the film released after three days at the box office $ 155 million , beat Alice in Wonderland , Hollywood spring weekend in film history file highest grossing movie premiere , Lawrence film to film won the MTV Movie Award – best Actress .
In 2013 , she won the first Silver Linings Playbook with 85 Oscar Best Actress and Best Actress Golden Globe Award and other awards .

2013 , Lawrence’s two new works Hunger Games 2: Xinghuoliaoyuan American scam, scam gains in the United States in 2014 with the 71st Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress .

Gucci 2014 Winter Milan Fashion Week Makeup

Gucci ‘s show season look back to the 1960s to 1960s, Marianne Faithfull and actress Britt Ekland classic look for inspiration, to create a retro exaggerated eye makeup . Thick black eyeliner, Bambi -like false eyelashes , which are iconic makeup sixties .
Gucci ‘s show season look back to the 1960s to 1960s, Marianne Faithfull and actress Britt Ekland classic look for inspiration, to create a retro exaggerated eye makeup . Thick black eyeliner, Bambi -like false eyelashes , which are iconic makeup sixties . Taupe eye shadow to emphasize the orbital contours ; eyeliner black eyeliner part will be mixed with a liquid eyeliner , makeup will be more natural , eyeliner do not fly out , mainly to enlarge the eye, then put rosy beige eyeliner Department . Finally stick on the upper and lower eyelashes, eye makeup to complete the 1960s


The senior from Italy to lead the global fashion leather goods store super brand , the momentum has plummeted from family disputes to the regeneration of Tom Ford took over after the rise , Gucci from the cloud to the bottom, then the story from the bottom to the cloud is, indeed, a legend .
After a polished look to create a retro-style gucci replica  products , a unique interpretation of this style handmade quality, strengthen a new personalized touch. This new backpack through the washing process combines innovative professional masters craftsmen skills, so that each product can exhibit unique lifelike appearance . Backpack can be customized by the golden initials to make your favorite accessories become a timeless precious heirlooms .

From its inception in 1921 , Gucci has been taking the aristocratic line, style luxury and slightly tough masculinity. 1947 Gucci bamboo handle bamboo bag come out, then , with the initials of the founder of the classic double- G logo, lined with red and green ribbons canvas bag and related leather products have gradually come out. Gucci and LV tied , the world’s most commonly counterfeit goods. Moccasin title ring with horse shoes , designed for the Grace Kelly Flower Scarf, repeatedly received, wearing Gucci has represented a symbol of social status and .

Danish high-end designer Raf Simons teamed up to launch the first textile brand Kvadrat textiles and accessories

Raf Simons Dior creative director of women to join the leadership of world-renowned Danish textile brand Kvadrat, on February 13 in London, officially released the first joint of both textiles and accessories Kvadrat / Raf Simons! This is also a fashion designer Raf Simons as the first launch of textiles and home accessories.

As avid collectors of art and design , Raf Simons developed a natural evolution of the textile feeling . In the first product , Raf Simons did not choose commonly used in contemporary interior plain weave fabric , but to use the rich texture and careful design brings a new feel for the texture and sculptural decoration , continued his aesthetic foundation in fashion design.

Before entering the fashion louis vuitton replica industry Raf Simons studied industrial design , he has long been interested in furniture and interior decoration. Kvadrat attention to the close relationship between Raf Simons and architecture and furniture design field , he was appointed creative director of Kvadrat , a continuation of the designer Fanny Aronsen left home textiles and accessories product lines. Kvadrat / Raf Simons first series includes cushions , blankets and soft wear fabrics , flagship high-end home design market .


However , Raf Simons for Kvadrat series centered on the idea of ​​all in the home , designer furniture sector also very excited to be able to make a personal contribution for the first time . We manufacture fabrics like a blank canvas designer , Raf Simons says , this canvas will await furniture designer creative freedom – and we will not interfere with how they use textile design, so we ‘ll try to make it more open ; the fabric should be versatile .

In fact, before Kvadrat / Raf Simons series officially released, we have witnessed in advance , held in Paris men’s week in January this year – Raf Simons to be applied to the individual Winter 2014 men’s brand new series . The entire series of the most impressive design elements : the men’s jackets and sweaters collage strip of textile fabrics , it is from Kvadrat / Raf Simons!
Kvadrat / Raf Simons final series of the material also reflects the commitment to quality and Kvadrat Raf Simons refined elegance. These materials contain legitimate purchases Cape mohair , cashmere, merino wool and baby alpaca .

Jennifer Lopez and their twin children photographed for the Gucci Kids

In addition to becoming the American Idol judging panel , Jennifer Lopez or Gucci ad protagonist. However, this time she is not absolute protagonist , also with her ​​children absolute steal the spotlight twins Max and Emma. Gucci has released its latest children’s clothing line advertising , which is Jennifer Lopez and kids for the first time together. In her words, this is definitely a rare experience. Although visibility is less than Tom Cruse princess daughter suri, but J Lo disclose her daughter Emma is also a fully-fledged fashion lovers , two and a half she has been selected for themselves and match clothes from the closet , and she also wearing a beautiful princess pajamas before they agree to sleep.
Gucci ‘s gucci outlet children’s clothing line has become the Gucci Group, the fastest growing , most rising force to be reckoned with . Last autumn and winter clothes are officially listed in November 2012 , in the name of children’s clothing line Gucci , Gucci Group will donate one million dollars to UNICEF , as well as non-profit organizations and 50 million dollars to the Foundation ‘s Jennifer Lopez .
Jennifer Lopez, the famous American singer , actor. July 24, 1969 the United States was born in the Bronx , New York City , to Puerto Rican parents in Latin America , she who is also an actor, singer, TV producer , fashion designers and dancers , such as multi- functional . According to the website A Socialite’s Life reports that she is Hollywood ‘s richest Spanish-speaking character . According to Spanish-speaking character Ranking 100 most influential Hispanics voting by , she became America ‘s most influential Spanish-speaking artists.

Lopez was born and raised in the Bronx , New York . Mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez is Puerto Rican father . Lopez is a bilingual English and Spanish who has two sisters , namely, Lynda and Leslie.
Lopez ‘s school career are enrolled in Catholic schools . Since the age of nineteen to raise tuition on their own to learn singing and dancing lessons . After leaving Baruch College, Lopez will be allocated their working time law firm , curriculum and learning dance performances in Manhattan night clubs , dance fight after auditioning for several months , she was selected to become the number one rapper music videotape show dancers , like in 1990 Yo ! MTV ‘s show, as well as NKOTB American Music Awards in backup dancers.

Gordon defeated LV Hermes Chanel men most women favor gift list

Recently, the Hurun Research Institute released the 2014 is still superior product – Chinese millionaires brands tend to reports , this is the tenth consecutive year the release of this report . Hurun ‘s still superior product – Chinese millionaires brands tend to report revealed China ‘s wealthy class lifestyle , spending habits and preferences as well as changes in brand awareness , trying to lifestyle changes to make China rich class description . Past six months, Hurun Research Institute on 393 personal assets of more than ten million yuan in China’s richest conducted an investigation in which 41 billions of dollars of assets to female ratio was 6:4 . For decades, is still superior product Hurun Research Institute survey interviewed a total of 4818 more than ten million yuan in personal assets of Chinese tycoons , of which 12 % of the assets of billions of dollars . Hurun Research Institute adhere to one ‘s way , and the findings are summarized involves China become millionaires for the widest and most comprehensive research report , which is still superior to Hurun product is widely regarded for high- net crowd brand ISO9000.
As can be seen in the report , although defeated Hermes , Louis Vuitton , boarded the throne of the most popular gifts men top brand , but the overall condition of the percentage decline in sales compared with 2013 a lot of reports. And before are starting to have a news story stating that luxury in the past year, a significant decline in sales in China , Bain said in a report : Luxury crash risk intensified. . Industry research firm Bain Bain & Co said in a report Tuesday : With the slowdown in China’s luxury market , and consumers more diversity, the luxury market crash increased risk . Bain & Co. Bain pointed out that if a luxury product positioning and do not re- sell the way the future will soon be eliminated . I do not know the current sales of luxury goods and big government anti-corruption efforts have much to do with it ?
In women Regal favorite gift brands, Chanel is still topped the list, but the proportion of a lot more than last year also fell . Hoogewerf released data from the point of view , not only increase the ranking Dior proportion than doubled last year to turn the whole , I believe that Christian Dior designer Raf Simon certainly contributed.
In 2013 , sales of luxury goods in general poor performance
1 According to statistics, Chanel fiscal 2012 revenue growth fell to single digits , although much female consumers, but sales still slowing : chanel replica  Chanel2012 income of $ 6.3 billion in fiscal year only increased 6.78% , net profit of $ 1.56 billion operating profit grew 17% to $ 1.46 billion .
2 Fri investment bank Cowen Group, Inc. Released a report Coach Coach popularity continued to decline , while rival Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. Popularity continued to rise .
Under 3.2013 Bulgari poor sales in the environment , the entire sector downward trend . Also last year, the Bulgari family has been selling LVMH shares. 2013 was one of the few LVMH luxury goods group fell . Under the helm in Trapani , with major revenue Bulgari brand jewelry and watches department of higher growth in the first year , the deadline in the first nine months, revenues September 30, 2013 fell 2.3%.
There is also a luxury brand performance gains across the board :
1 The board defeated Louis Vuitton Hermes gift on top of the table in the luxury market in general downturn has rosy. Hermes Hermes International SCA Asia Pacific International Group third quarter sales increased 16.7% , while in Ningbo and Japan each gained one new stores. In the first three quarters ended by the end of September 2013 , the Group’s total revenue reached 2.6627 billion euros , an increase of 9.1%.
2 a candle can be sold for € 1,000 Brunello Cucinelli SpA , said the expansion of the retail network to boost the role of the sales generated annual sales growth of 50% retail channels to 115.4 million euros , 35.8% of total sales . Greater China recorded a 52.5% increase in sales Brunello Cucinelli has become a major growth driver .
3.2013 In Valentino revenue growth of 23% to 490 million euros .