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Supermodels, leopards , giraffes and so on animal immigration Louis Vuitton 2014 spring and summer ad campaign

The aspect of biking is way added acquaintance , rather than destination. Louis Vuitton Bounce Summer 2014 commercial the new division continues to analyze the aspect of the cruise , advised to affect a new bearing admiring for biking . Unknown allurement to analyze the passion, the joy of analysis , the adventure active acquaintance all affiliate beneath the abundant columnist Peter Lindbergh footage !

Louis Vuitton 140306100028

Back 1854 , Louis Vuitton campaign about the apple , stars, politicians , appearance architecture abundant adult breeding adventurer attache , and actualize a absolute cruise arts. Accordingly , in the new adventures , Louis Vuitton louis vuitton replica will by itself accept the iconic Monogram canvas , which was invented by Georges Vuitton in 1896 , alleged the cruise a abundant accompaniment material. In the new ad blur , the two supermodels in three archetypal handbags LV Speedy, Keepall and the Neverfull accompaniment , Carine Roitfeld bottom to analyze the minds of acute breeding journey.

Louis Vuitton 2014 bounce and summer commercial ample animadversion attempt in South Africa , the Devil himself as a stylist Carine Roitfeld , redhead supermodel Karen Elson and off the acreage as supermodel in LV 2014 bounce and summer women’s big appearance in Edie Campbell account of estimation .

Ample commercial the new division of the advocate in fact not Monogram, nor is it a model, not even South Africa arresting admirable backdrop – although abnorma  photographer Peter Lindbergh Ming and dark apple bathed in aureate sunlight . The new commercials advocate is in fact traveling itself. Biking is an afflatus An inspiration, biking is an art, biking is all sorts of impressions , emotions, memories and moments of breeding amaranthine antecedent – three analytical assemblage giraffe anxiously attempt , two cubs arena like a babe -like play , Edie Campbell sit on the adjudicator cantankerous . And she angle aloft the accumulation of baggage picture, the absolute lens is assuredly one of the a lot of arresting commercial the blur , if she , like overlooking the absolute apple , absolute the adventure that is activity LV cast aesthetics .

Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs farewell own brand

November 2013 , Louis Vuitton appointed above Balenciaga artisan Nicolas Ghesquiere as its new artistic administrator , artistic administrator Marc Jacobs to yield over the job . Nicolas Ghesquiere15 acquirement band , alleged the boy ability of fashion.

Louis Vuitton in my assessment is the ultimate affluence , accession and analysis in disguise. Nicolas Ghesquiere said, for I am accustomed by this arrangement , to be a century-old appearance abode in a rather appreciative .

Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton appear that approachable letters will be in October 2013 . His almsman has been carefully watched , whether it is the ancestor aggregation LVMH ‘s Louis Vuitton investors , or the appearance industry .

Marc Jacobs louis vuitton replica Louis Vuitton adieu show

With the abundant alarm , Marc Jacobs memories of the cruise started boring beforehand anecdotal rumors alike , bounce and summer 2014 appearance accumulating eventually became Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton ‘s catastrophe in . Doors, escalators , ample alarm alarm , carousel, adamant aboideau and bubbler courtyard abode , which in about-face presents active arena in foreground of us , humans can not advice a aphotic black atmosphere bleary eyes . A moment for 16 years, the anamnesis of the designer’s devil’s bit by bit .

LV 59628_1

1971 , Nicolas Ghesquiere was built-in in Provence, 14 -year-old began to apprentice to draw, 15 -year-old summer intern into Agnes B cast , 19 -year-old became the agent artisan Jean Paul Gaultier . He had not accustomed any training in appearance architecture Coban achievements from the a lot of absolute and applied appearance their aptitude . In 1995 , Nicolas Ghesquiere Balenciaga was assassin , Vice -line artefact architecture . 1997 Balenciaga became architecture administrator mainline , the aforementioned year he aswell advised for the Trussardi women .


Big brand logo design elements in the equivalent

Compared logo exposed , and now the luxury chanel replica brand design elements seem to be more willing to replace some elements will gradually and brand integration, so as to achieve , no logo, can be deeply rooted effect.
Today, in an era of fast-selling fashion , such a design can not only make people remember the brand , but will also greatly enhance the brand’s sales.

Alexander McQueen Skull
logo 95833489Although designer Alexander McQueen is gone, but he left the skull pattern has become the brand’s classic logo. Piece of skull pattern printed scarves , is how much money the girls wardrobe essential , Alexander McQueen has become one of the most representative works . Today ‘s friend and assistant head of the brand Sarah Burton, still carried the skull design elements , both in the evening bag or shoes, you can see the clever use of the skull , so the Alexander McQueen accessories not need logo, as long as there is enough skull .
BURBERRY Plaid  hermes replica
Although Burberry is constantly trying to design innovation , but it will not affect the status of the Burberry empire Plaid , Plaid = Burberry formulas , has become a model and classic . Even in the design does not apply to , will be designed as an auxiliary to become the brand’s logo.
Lanvin insect Accessories
Lanvin girl has always been elegant women on behalf of the dark , so it will always bring people of different surprises, designers now use insect elements , as these sexy girl adds a sense of mystery . Leaving the insect has become one of the elements of this season ‘s fashion trends , so that the effect of the trend , not a brand logo can be done.
Charlotte Olympia shoes cartoon illustration
British brand Charlotte Olympia has been using the thick waterproof , stilettos , gold spider web on the sole Logo, as a brand to identify signs. However , in recent years, designers seem to be in love with cartoon illustrations , and its use in designs , so she do not recognize how a feature , which also let more people know about the Charlotte Olympia interesting designs.
Kenzo eye element  louis vuitton replica
2012 Tiger head elements, so Kenzo popular in the world, in 2013 the eyes of the elements , still let Kenzo become a hot brand. Although there is no formation of a classic element, but a pattern season , is enough to make people remember the brand , not only brings sold commercially , but also to become a design element of the brand logo.

Excellent value most sparkling diamonds, Louis Vuitton jewelry

Louis Vuitton Voyage dans le temps senior jewelry series , this spring reproduction picturesque blinding light , a new series of praises diamond shining pure and flawless diamonds Louis Vuitton unique facets.LVec239ed4cffaf21f9453256884b26a3f

Dentelle d’hiver
The first film in the series this turned into a Peter Pan collar Elizabethan collar , and sketched out a brilliant dazzling female silhouette , almost invisible weave seat holding delicate platinum diamond lace , soft and flexible stunning , exudes Victorian style ; center Pendant Louis Vuitton Flower-cut diamonds, symbolizing that stands in the Place Vendome , Paris, Louis Vuitton replica watches jewelry jewelry workshop halls inside , filling brand jewelry artisans professional attainments. Dentelle d’hiver theme jewelry offers large cocktail ring , pendant and earrings long chain modeling , which can be decorated with a wide body brooch on the chest , breast shaped like clothing , jewelry reproduce the Belle Epoque .
Monogram Infini and Galaxie Monogram
Monogram Infini stacks of hypnotic spiral , or Galaxie Monogram use of three-dimensional diffraction mirror the expanse of space and depth extension of ingenuity , all lead us into a deep whirlpool Monogram Flower dazzling . These two series of bold fusion of avant-garde , conceptual and mathematical formulas and time travel , marquise diamonds and princess diamond draw out this modern tribute to Louis Vuitton women fashion dazzling visual world .

By Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Lorenz BГ¤umer accomplished adornment architecture , the a lot of adumbrative of the brand’s history and artful agreeableness of Monogram flowers hailed appearance and time aeon above the limitations of the adventure , adornment abiding acclaim as adventurous new conception , a new chief Voyage dans le temps amount cast adornment accumulating is a different star-shaped precious stones and flowers turner , anxiously carved out cast ability above amount .

First watch in the world in 1868 is manufactured by Patek Philippe

From the mid- 19th century, it was put on the timing belt hanging table , use the Start worn on the wrist , and gradually improve , reduce body , beautify style developed into watches.

First watch in the world in 1868 is manufactured by Patek Philippe to Hungary Koscowicz Countess . But this form of watches, is not popular at the time .

In 1904, a French businessman operating Jewelry Louis Francois Cartier received a complaint from a pilot friend Ya Botuo Santos Dumont : When an airplane to take out of your pocket watch is very difficult , I hope he help to solve this problem so that we could see during the flight time . So Cartier came up with a belt and buckle, the watch hands tied approach to solve the problem of friends . And this tied the hands of the watch, is now a watch .
1911 Cartier watches formally this form of commercialization, launched the famous Santos watch. Since then, the watch began to spread.
Experienced a century of improvement in 1967, the first time the Swiss made ​​quartz quartz watch , watch it after the manual / automatic winding in the form of development to the display with quartz, and other power electronic time and a mixture of other relatively simple functions such as timing, moon phase , measuring pulse rate ; modern watches watches adds more sophisticated features , such as: PDA , MP3, mobile phones and other forms. And part of the watch has also become a kind of jewelry , the focus was no longer display the time, but in its design, brand , material ( such as precious metals and diamonds ) and other features on .

1914 World War I broke out, the importance of national military realized that the ” free hand ” watch , this inspired the general public needs fervent opponents wearing the watch . 1926 , invented the first self -winding watch one , from 1960 onwards, the traditional round table kind of universally people like it. Further improvements Switzerland watch , is to timing, calendar , tourbillon and automatic winding device having to watch the miniaturization , which was installed on the watch. In 1952 in the United States , France and Switzerland each produce a spreadsheet . In 1967, the center of Neuchatel electronic watches developed the first quartz wrist watch , and in 1970 the Swiss brand names with different start mass production. Since then, the rapid development of new technology has begun , different brands of wrist watch also began to develop rapidly.

Mechanical vibration system timing instruments , such as the pendulum , balance wheel bell . Its working principle is to use a cycle of constant , continuous vibration vibration system . The vibration of the vibration period multiplied by the number of vibrations , is equivalent to the elapsed time , time = × vibration frequency of the vibration cycle watches . Generally consists of several parts of energy , gear train , escapement, vibration system , the pointer mechanism and additional agencies and other components. Power – spring or weight , provide energy when the mechanical clock work , so that once the bar by increasing gear train can run continuously for several days, so watch escapement timing frequency meet the people ” s ” in the conception , pendulum or balance wheel rudder controls the clock speed , and timekeeping ( Report engraved ) agencies to tell people: just a few of the last beep .

The basic parts of the electronic components. Electronic watches are designed in accordance with the principle “electric magnetism and magnetic raw power ” physical phenomena. I.e. the energy is converted to magnetic energy, magnetic energy is then converted to mechanical energy to drive the minute hand operation , to achieve the purpose of timing .

Is ” quartz crystal ” as the oscillator, go through the electronic frequency control motor operation , driven pointer , when to go high accuracy. Electronic Quar . That will be a combination of electronic movement with quartz movement made ​​, both electronic display of watches have hands walking instructions . Such movement , such as Citizen (Citizen Miyota Co., Ltd) for T250 movement.

Light energy wave form built into the watch by radio receiver and antenna to receive ” standard time ” radio waves emitted by the towers , get time and calendar data, automatically correct time and date watches . Standard time signals using a high-precision cesium atomic watches theory , hundreds of thousands of years of a second error . Citizen watches all use radio light energy technology , the use of any visible light as an energy driven. As long as there is light energy , as long as it receives radio waves would never have errors.

Chinese actress and an old European and American actress wearing the same dress, each soared clothing goods, who is superior?

December 26, 2013, Beijing, the film Up In The Wind premiere conference. Ni Ni dressed in Louis Vuitton 2012 early autumn dress to attend the movie Up In The Wind premiere conference, and Ana R, Pace Zhuangshan. This dress is full of sense of design simplicity, the unique Chinese knot embroidery novel, tutu adds tender and pleasant, quiet classical colors, wearing a body shape can get. Three actresses from the start dress accessories, with all the style, standing PK stage, onlookers about three actresses performance of it.

Model interpretation of Louis Vuitton dior outlet 2012 early autumn dress LookBook

Ni Ni dressed in Louis Vuitton 2012 early autumn dress

Ni Ni wear very simple, even simple, get a skirt shape, except for a thin black belt without any accessories you want, but too Guadan. Partial dark color clothes, shoes and belt color is too boring, especially belts, easy to be overlooked, do not see a decorative role, but redundant.

Pace Wu wearing a Louis Vuitton 2012 early autumn dress

Compared to Ni Ni, Pace on intelligent, low-key accessories aspects leather bracelet nice, thin belts and green stand out from the clothes, the waist into focus, the only downside is the orange color too bright handbags, destroy a whole.
Ana.R wearing Louis Vuitton 2012 early autumn dress

Ana.R piercing the thick little feminine, sleek watches, handbags celine outlet, envelopes, and a pair of high-heeled pointed diamond pieces stitching, color not play, but the details of the dress delicate enough, but this aristocratic style make skirts have lost their charm.

Up In The Wind

Up In The Wind will be released on December 31 TengHuaTao by the director , screenwriter Martin whales together to create the second degree Healing videos. Videos undertake a whale Tao combination consistent cure style, focusing urban syndrome, led cure unhappy . During the interview, Ni Ni Tan made ??themselves more concerned about the current opportunities and challenges , and for the media for their internationalization of expectations, Ni Ni said that the most important is the accumulation, hope that one day on the international stage to have a good performance now temporarily do my thing on it immediately .

Ni Ni leisurely,up In the wind

Governance movie Up In The Wind, adapted from the novel of the same name Martin whales , about the urban female white-collar Cheng Yu Meng embark on the search for happiness in Nepal ” embarrassing way .” In the novel “and the wind ,” the bottom of the cover , is familiar with the famous phrase famous British musician John Lennon : When we live in is struggling back and forth, life has been away from us ,said Ni Ni , domestic many young people are being driven with the front -line of life , and such as wind plays mind in order to allow people to find the true meaning of life .

In Up In The Wind, there is a classic line , No matter how anxious you are , or how scared you are , we can not go forward, go out useless, can not fly and now we just need to quietly , such as wind . This is also a reflection of the state of Ni Ni stage . Ni Ni bluntly that he is not used to establish long-term goal of a special person , but cherish the opportunities and challenges of the moment , the moment when my fingertips really complete things in order to have the power to accomplish the next goal . A lot of people live in anxiety about the future , while ignoring his own heart, in fact, just calm happiness , truth must live in the moment .

Internationalization do not worry

Ni Ni precipitation accumulation of capital accumulation

With the rapid development of China’s film and television industry, the entertainment of many Hollywood actresses have tested the water , shine on the international stage with their own light. The fledgling partnership with Oscar-winner Christian Bale Ni Ni which is undoubtedly the most media expectations, to embark on international routes as soon as possible actress . But Ni Ni believes that the current accumulation and precipitation own needs , internationalization of things not worry.

Ni Ni fluent in spoken English fendi outlet , Jinling 13 Hairpin, and let the industry and the audience was very amazing, good language foundation seems to have reduced its international film into many obstacles . But faced with the expectations of the people , for their own careers, Ni Ni and arrangements have their own pace , not in a hurry to go out , domestic film market is now so good , many foreign directors and artists have to develop China , and those who go out of the actors have begun to choose to return , indicating that the market is changing . In addition , it has been the experience of acting in English , which made ??her even more difficult to understand , and therefore can no longer hope to be more tempered, ” There expectations , indicating that we are hoping to see my good performance , I do not want my only superficial look , people looked to forget now slowly accumulated capital is very good .

Ten coquettish handbag shook the fashion circle in 2013,Luxury brand bags

2013 fashion circles and what flair handbag surfaced it? If you are still addicted to the hands of the “killer package”, “shell pack”, the old flowers, tiger …… it is really OUT, 2013 has ten coquettish handbag shook the fashion circle, set off a frenzy Saobao.

TOP1: Book evening bag

TOP2: Magazine handbags

TOP3: Chanel mini bag box rolex replica

TOP4: Chanel perfume bottle handbag

TOP5: Alexander Mcqueen “De-Manta” series dumplings

TOP6: Chanel “hardcore” handle handbags

TOP7: LV mini hard shell evening bag

TOP8: PVC transparent handbag

TOP9: Christian Louboutin-Marquise rivet handbag

TOP10: Fendi Fur Handbag

Street beat steal the spotlight, whether or Awards red carpet, or daily street, also attended the event, or those Saobao think you can match the overall shape of icing on the cake. Wisdom literature books evening bag; fashion magazines fun handbag; Chanel box mini bag; Alexander Mcqueen “De-Manta” series dumplings; Chanel “hardcore” handle handbag ……

TOP1: Book evening bag

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: wisdom, art

Book evening bag with its highly fashionable styling comparable books favorite actress, the overall feel like a literary wise woman holding a book.

TOP2: Magazine handbags

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: funny, active

At first glance you would not lifted his hand is a hand bag, but a magazine, in fact, this is the popular magazine handbag fashion circles, and even magazine handbag lady Michelle Obama, like grasping in his hand how fashionable a single product ah.

TOP3: Chanel mini bag fendi outlet box

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: elegant, refined

Chanel mini bag delicate box-dimensional fashion, pure color has let you brighten, plus fine-cut three-dimensional modeling, fashion steal the spotlight is entirely a single product. Japan VOGUE fashion editor ANNA there is good even love it.

TOP4: Chanel perfume bottle handbag

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: fashion, avant-garde

Chanel perfume bottle handbag, classic Chanel 5 号 perfume bottle in his hand, suddenly the fashion sense of pessimism, bright and transparent glass body, I believe that every woman should have a Chanel 5 numbers.

TOP5: Alexander Mcqueen “De-Manta” series dumplings

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: fashion, avant-garde

There will consistently be in appearance circles accomplish you adulation appearance items, Alexander Mcqueen De-Manta alternation “dumplings” is one of them, Gossip Girl Blake Lively is its amount one fan, Beyonce is a additional assorted occasions, adulation it attention the “dumpling” in my duke …… Alexander Mcqueen “De-Manta” alternation clutch, dumplings by definition, because it is shaped like a acceptable Chinese dumpling food, so anybody alleged dumplings.

Alexander Mcqueen “De-Manta” dumplings, various styles, materials with different indeed a weapon, both stylish and practical fashion a single product, whether it is classic or new styles are also worth starting, there is always a ” Dumplings “Do you like!

TOP6: Chanel “hardcore” handle handbags

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: luxury, fine

Chanel “hardcore” hand bag in his hand as if carrying the irons the same, but the bag body is exquisite luxury Chanel small sachet, a classic ribbed or bright beads.

TOP7: LV mini hard shell evening bag

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: Fun to play, exquisitely

Wallace is definitely a fan of this package, we can see a lot of occasions that she put on this little bag, Louis Vuttion mini evening bag, mini bag body has enough charm, cute, but not the essence of fashion and connotation self-evident.

TOP8: PVC transparent handbag

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: light, crisp

Transparent small hand bag always makes us feel very sexy, very light and very crisp.

TOP9: Christian Louboutin-Marquise rivet handbag

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: Dark, sexy dior outlet, punk

Christian Louboutin-Marquise rivet handbag as delicate as the sexy red-soled shoes, and this dark atmosphere is very powerful, very suitable for punk style.

TOP10: Fendi Fur Handbag

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: luxurious, elegant, noble

Luxurious fur suddenly gives elegant feeling, this handbag on a piece of material has been overwhelming….

1998 Louis Vuitton officially joined the rank of a comprehensive fashion brand

In 2004,to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Louis Vuitton,a huge suitcase -type tent were erected as a celebration party venues in New York,Hong Kong,Tokyo and

Shanghai and other places,the founder of the brand my gucci outlet highest salute.The brand also in India,Russia,China,and South Africa opened a flagship store large enough to

permit global brand business booming.Full of historical value Champs Elysées headquarters building after a full refurbishment was re- opened in October 2005,on the one

hand to witness 150 years of glorious achievements,but reflects the positive development of the brand ‘s vision of the future ! Today,Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week

as the big finale of the annual big show by the great attention from the fashion world.Confirms once again as Chanticleer Louis Vuitton luxury brand of charm.

Louis Vuitton product line : leather products ( including handbags,luggage,small leather goods,etc.),accessories,footwear,watches,fine jewelry and clothing


Louis Vuitton Series : Monogram,Damier Ebene,Damier Azur,Damier Graphite,Damier Infini,Monogram Vernis,Monogram Multicolore,Monogram Empreinte,Monogram

Idylle,Mahina,Suhali,Epi,Taiga and so on.

Early in 1885,Louis Vuitton has opened a London Oxford Street stores.1898 George Vuitton convinced that the development potential of the,then signed a

distribution agreement with the owner of a large department store chain John Wanamaker,the first sales of the brand’s luggage in New York and Philadelphia,the

territory was subsequently expanded to Boston,Chicago,Washington and Los Angeles and other places.Subsequent decades,many Hollywood actress like Douglas Fairbanks,Mary

Pickford,Marlene Dietrich,Ginger Rogers,Cary Grant and Lauren
Bacall,as well as Rockefellers and Vanderbilts and other wealthy family and the royal family in

Europe,become a loyal Louis Vuitton customers.

In 1912,the Paris commercial center gradually westward development,George Vuitton Champs Elysees decided to build a new breed of Art Nouveau building as the brand’s

flagship store,the building was completed in 1914,wall engraved with ” Paris – ,founded in 1845.” The original location of the building just across from

today’s Champs Elysees headquarters,the words engraved on the wall is still visible.

After World War II,Monogram canvas products growing demand,the company decided to expand the exclusive worldwide distribution network,brand new stores attitude is

very strict,and maintain product quality perfect concept almost exactly the same.Louis Vuitton opened more than 424 stores in the world,all directly managed by the

head office.1987 Moet Hennessy brand and merged to form the world’s largest and most successful luxury goods group -LVMH.During the same period,the brand will continue

to expand product areas,the most important launch in 1985,the brightly-colored Epi leather series,followed 1993 men Taiga Leather series launched in 1996 and re-

launched again Damier Canvas ; same year to celebrate Louis Vuitton Monogram 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous fashion designer seven specially commissioned

limited edition Monogram handbags creative,unique among the most creative designs for Azzedine Alaia leopard skin with Monogram,and Vivienne Westwood designed ” funny

” faux-cul bag.

1998 Louis Vuitton officially joined the rank of a comprehensive fashion brand,male and female clothing and footwear,accessories and jewelry departments have been

established,from New York designer Marc Jacobs is appointed artistic director.At the time,the fashion industry for “grunge guru ” Marc Jacobs took over the French

palace brand very surprised,but after several years running,the two louis vuitton outlet called a duck.Louis Vuitton,Marc Jacobs will present his vision of fashion history and culture into

a timeless sense of luxury and rich in detail,both with excellent brand craft tradition,while incorporating new ideas and stimulation,the unique achievements of Louis

Vuitton fashion style.

Marc Jacobs ‘s extraordinary creativity,reflected in Monogram canvas he gives a new look,such as Eye Love Monogram he collaborated with the New York avant-garde

artists from the Stephen Sprouse Monogram Graffiti ( Doodle Series ),as well as with the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami created by color Monogram Multicolore and

Monogram Cerises cherry series,all showcase their unique thoughts.

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 in Paris

Since 1854,generation to generation since Louis Vuitton,with excellent quality,outstanding creativity and craftsmanship to become a symbol of fashion travel art.

Products include handbags,travel goods,small leather goods,accessories,footwear,clothing,watches,fine jewelry and personalized custom services

You retrieve LV,generally refers to Louis Vuitton,other definitions,please click here.

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 in Paris,France,from royal families to the top craft workshops,Louis Vuitton has not been interrupted for travel,tradition and

passion for innovation and heritage. Louis Vuitton classic design conforms to all the important developments in the history of travel :

1896 Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas debut,celine outlet declared the brand’s fashion outlook,its unique creativity has become a classic symbol of ; popular with cruise travel,in

1901 launched Steamer bag,travel pouch marked the advent of the era of official ; 1924 Keepall travel bag,changing the way the weight and packaged travel,making travel

easier short improvisational elegance ; 1997,as artistic director Marc Jacobs joined Louis Vuitton to its unique craftsmanship and luxury extends to

fashion,footwear,watches,accessories and jewelry boutique,for customers in the French tradition of adding a fashionable color .

In addition to the pursuit of innovation,enthusiasm for travel,material insistence,pay attention to the details of craftsmanship is committed to the pursuit of

Louis Vuitton never give up.Adhere to tradition and innovation,committed to offering the perfect luxury experience .

Well-known luxury brands (Louis Vuitton). Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854,now part of French luxury goods specifically produced high-level group of Moet Hennessy

LouisVuitton .

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton Chanticleer course of development,the original period began walking tour across the great lakes.In 1835,Mr. Louis Vuitton (Louis

Vuitton) annual party 14 years old,he bid farewell to his home near the Swiss Jura mountains Anchay border village,250 miles traveled to Paris on foot into the

world.He came from the mill and the carpenter ‘s house,taken in transit to solve a variety of food and shelter and unskilled laborer to earn money for the journey,then

the main craft wood products,but that he produced beech and poplar wood craft greatly refined,become good enough for a lifetime of valuable experience.

In 1837,Mr. Louis Vuitton arrived in Huadu,and privileged to be a famous craftsman Mr. Marechal ‘s trunk Layetie-Emballeur apprentice,when production are

collectively referred to as the trunk craftsmen Layetie-Emballeur.louis vuitton outlet 1837 France ‘s first opening of the railway,in 1838 a European first successful transatlantic

steamships,marking the advent of modern tourism ‘s official,then Paris luggage artisans hand- crafted aspen trunks are very beautiful,they proficient royal nobility

ornate pack to pack,so the capital city of Paris along with soaring demand for its products.In 1853,Louis Vuitton has been promoted to chief assistant boss,while

becoming Empress Eugenie most trusted experts suitcase,suddenly sound ten times the price.

Since the Royal Queen,fashion guests from upper social strata immediately flooded the region. Louis Vuitton in 1854 married the same year to establish their own

company’s major decisions. The couple set up shop in his honor lots Rue Neuve Des Capucines fourth (now Rue des Capucines),the site now Vendome (Place Vendome) and

subsequent construction of the Opera House is only steps away .

After the founding of the company Louis Vuitton made ​​a far-reaching important decisions immediately,that is durable and waterproof canvas material will cover one

suitcase.Four years later ( ie in 1858 ),he introduced a new product – easy to transport flat poplar trunk lid.This trunk surface covered with high-quality gray

Trianon canvas waterproof,corner with metal edging,pull and started loading bays,surface beech wood with riveted ; interior design is equally rich in mind,a list of

every bottom tray and place convenient intervals all kinds of clothing and elegant decorative kit.This new design not only protective clothing and easy to carry,more

signs Toil BES Louis Vuitton luggage and modern tourism culture was born.

This new suitcase immediately popular,growing market demand,so that the workshop in Paris inadequate.In 1859,Louis Vuitton decided to relocate production lines have

not yet been excavated Impressionists suburb -Asnieres. Located in the quiet town of Asnieres -sur-Seine,excellent location : the manufacture of wood from the trunk of

aspen Oise valley near the barge to,another railroad connected the town to Paris Saint-Lazare station. 1871 Paris headquarters nor is insufficient,then moved to the

nearby rue Scribe 1st Avenue,opposite dior outlet the famous Grand Hotel,next to the Grand Theatre was not yet completed .

At that time the company’s business,such as the date the prescription,but the market has appeared all kinds of imitation Louis Vuitton plagiarism in order to combat

this situation,then add red and white striped pattern in gray Trianon canvas in 1872. His son George Vuitton (Georges Vuitton) took over the business in 1880,followed

by the introduction of more complex pattern of brown and white squares new in 1888,and white logo imprinted on L.Vuitton words,making it difficult for others to

follow. After more than a century,it has become another classic checkered pattern -Damier series of creative inspiration .

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Glazed Canvas Bag

Louis Vuitton directly to the wall tore his inspiration to do the design, and there are a variety of patterns and text on these two for the Project PEP graffiti design package.

Python, zebra, Anglo American flag, designed manuscripts, clothing accessories, gems, phone number, lipstick, graffiti writing, if your eyesight is good, boring in the end when you can examine how many kinds of elements. So many things mixed together, but a kind of harmonious beauty, chaos replica handbags uk looks good, wipe a few bright very exciting. Glazed canvas material is waterproof, it looks closer to the texture of leather, not canvas so childish, so take this graffiti handbag party also dazzle.

Project PEP is a charity project involving Elton John Charitable Foundation, AIDS prevention and treatment of what the relationship is complex, twelve say. But as long as the Louis Vuitton bought a range of products, there is 25% of the amount used to support AIDS charity, regarded kill two birds oh!


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